THC Infused E-Juice For Sale


Approximate amount of cannabinoids in this bottle:

  • THC (activated) – 500mg
  • CBD (activated) – 472mg
  • CBG (activated) – 4.75mg
  • CBV (activated) – 2.65mg
  • CBN – 3.2mg
  • CBC – 17.58mg


  • 10ml of cannabinoid-infused vape juice (proprietary blend of ingredients including but not limited to Lab/Medical Grade Propylene glycol)
  • Flavors to choose from pineapple, grape, strawberry, blueberry, menthol, and plain


THC Infused E-Juice For Sale

THC Infused E-Juice For Sale. If you are looking for 1:1 full spectrum CBD | THC infused vape juice to refill your own tanks, then this is the one you’ve been looking for. Our 1:1 full spectrum CBD | THC vape juice comes loaded with full-spectrum CBD and pure delta-9 THC, infused in smooth and flavourful (or flavorless) juice. This is a balanced blend that can be both physically relaxing and mentally stimulating. Both THC (psychoactive) and CBD (non-psychoactive) are reported to have numerous medical benefits when used concurrently.


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