Buy Sapphire Lemon Stomper



Buy Sapphire Lemon Stomper

Buy Sapphire Lemon Stomper. The boss just picked up 7 new Hash options from the Craft Hash Artisans over at Tegridgy Farms. Like any premium brand, they are consistent and never mail in a batch cause we’re out. It takes time to produce these amazing hash options. We are confident you will love them.

The Lemon Stomper strain is a rare Sativa dominant strain. Coming in approx 75 Sativa/25 Indica with well-known parents (Lemon Thai X Chemdawg X Sour Diesel. This starts to build the aroma of citrus, spicy, lemon, and herb earthiness. Light and intoxicating but mature. Saphire strain is a balanced hybrid known for a clear-head high balancing cerebral energy with Indica calm. Great for pain relief and social settings.


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