Buy Kloud 9 – CBD Cartridge


0.7ml of oil

Premium Grade A lab tested distillate


CBD is used in a wide variety of ways for its potential therapeutic effects, which may include:
  • pain relief.
  • anti-inflammation.
  • anti-anxiety.
  • seizure and epilepsy treatment, and much more.


Buy Kloud 9 – CBD Cartridge

 Buy Kloud 9 – CBD Cartridge. Made with high-grade CBD distillate, these cartridges promote relaxation and anxiety relief throughout the day, or when you need it before bed. Made with pure CBD Distillate.

But the CBD content can hit 18% or higher, making this one of the most powerful marijuana medications available. Charlotte’s Web is a Sativa-dominant hybrid (40:60 Sativa/Indica ratio). It’s highly effective at treating pediatric seizure disorders, while it also helps with pain, muscle spasms, and headaches. This strain has a strong pine smell, with floral tones and an earthy taste.


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