AiroPro Cartridges For Sale



AiroPro Cartridges For Sale

AiroPro Cartridges For Sale. To begin with, AiroPro is one of the most advanced cannabis vaporizing brands on the market! Image Credit. AiroPro makes vaping cannabis oils easy and interactive with their signature vaping system. With next-gen features like magnetic, leak-resistant cartridges and a strain catalog worth noting.

The AiroPro turned out to be a great system overall. Oil is strong and of great quality distillate. The battery is unique and puts out hard hits. The cartridges do not work on other batteries, but at $35 the AiroPro vape pen battery is worth the cost. AiroPro recently came out with the strongest live resin cartridge we tried so far, but the Live Flower Series tasted better and is slightly stronger on effects. Their distillate with the cannabis terpenes added in tastes right on point. Pros: Excellent taste.


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